Recipes For Your Wood Fired Oven

As mentioned in the How to Cook section, using in a wood fired oven is not very different than cooking in a regular oven, and you will quickly learn how to gauge and to regulate the temperature. Generally speaking, dishes cook much faster in a wood burning oven, more or less about half the time they take in your regular oven, so keep that in mind.

You can generally use the same oven-safe pans you bake in your regular oven provided you keep them away from the flame and do not use them in temperatures over 550° F (of course follow whatever particular instructions that come with your ovenware).

A wood burning oven enjoys a long cooking cycle once it is heated. You can keep on cooking a lot of dishes as it gradually cools down, even preparing food for the week if you wish.

If you choose to cook with the indirect heat by taking out the fire and the embers, make sure you have heated the oven well and keep the oven door closed.

We have collected here our favorite Wood Fired recipes for you to print out and try in your own pizza oven. Enjoy and Buon appetito!