Italian wood fired ovens: for pizza, bread & more! Look for the 100% Made in Italy logo for best performance, quality and value in pizza ovens.

Here you will find wood fired pizza ovens made in Italy: the ultimate cooking tool to enjoy together with your family and friends. Browse our selection of fine Italian pizza ovens, get outdoor kitchen design ideas featuring our pizza oven photos and choose the wood fired oven that is right for your home or backyard.

Why choose Los Angeles Ovenworks?

Our wood fired pizza ovens are made of refractory clay, the best material for thermal stability and for ease of installation. The traditional design of our Italian ovens is very energy-efficient, with the floor elements fitted inside the dome walls.

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Our ovens are unmatched in quality - handcrafted in Italy with a keen eye for details. Some of our competitors offer low-quality imitations, which can be difficult to install and may not last a lifetime. Our ovens include a refractory exhaust manifold and commercial grade floors so that you can focus on relaxing with your family and the delights of your gourmet meals, rather than hassles and fixes.

Plus, we offer personal customer service and accountability that is always here for you. With Los Angeles Ovenworks, you won't be working with a vast network of affiliates - you'll have the attention of an individual who cares about your needs.

We ship our wood fired pizza ovens nationwide and they can be easily assembled in your home or backyard. All of our pizza oven kits include a handheld laser thermometer and The Ultimate Wood-fired Oven Book.

Call us at (800) 516-5716 to order your own Italian wood burning oven!

Anna’s wood-fired oven blog

  • Fennel, Gruyere, and black pepper pizza

    When it comes to garnishing pizza, experimenting is really the fun part of it! Perhaps that’s also why making pizza is a good way of introducing kids to cooking (doing this in your outdoor wood fired oven helps too!). Some fun garnish combinations are worth a repeat and I think this one came out very good. Read more

  • Cornish Game Hen with Cherries and Harissa

    I experimented in the pizza oven last week and the outcome is this delicious recipe that uses an unusual combination of red cherries and Harissa (the Tunisian hot chili sauce I am now totally addicted to). Read more

  • Ceci in the pizza oven!

    Chickpeas, garbanzo beans, or Ceci for the Italians, are a beloved staple in all of the Mediterranean, so why not try the following two recipes in your wood fired oven this summer. These dishes work great as appetizers along with some aged cheese and olives and they are super quick to make on the spot. Read more

Frequently asked questions

  • Where are Los Angeles Ovenworks’ wood fired pizza ovens made?

    Our wood fired ovens are handcrafted by artisans on the island of Sardinia, in Italy, and are made from high-quality expanded clay and refractory materials. The careful manufacturing process has earned it the certification, making these ovens a true blend of traditional and modern techniques.  The simple design so popular in Italy — with the curved dome and the floor elements fitting inside the surrounding walls — makes them very energy-efficient.

  • Why are Los Angeles Ovenworks wood fired pizza ovens easier to install than mason built brick ovens?

    The Italians have designed our high-quality wood fired ovens so that they can be assembled on site in order to reduce the hassle, risk, and expense of building a brick pizza oven from scratch. Brick ovens can take a long time to build and require a skilled mason specialized in these projects. In contrast to brick ovens, purchasing a wood fired oven kit from Los Angeles Ovenworks will simplify your building process and allow you to spend more time on the design of your indoor or outdoor kitchen.

  • How long does it take to heat up a wood fired oven?

    Our wood fired ovens take approximately 1 hour to heat up for the smaller to medium size models and 1 hour ½ for the large models.  Once the pizza ovens are hot, they stay so for a long time and you can cook many dishes as the ovens gradually cool down

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Latest news

  • Sorrento Model 70 Portable Oven Now Available

    By popular demand we now offer a portable and fully assembled pizza oven: the Sorrento model 70. You can heat it up fast and cook true neapolitan pizzas, bread, meat and much more for your family and friends. This outdoor pizza oven comes with a metal stand and is a great solution for the patio, for a vacation home, or if you plan to move. Read more

  • Pizza Oven How-To-Videos

    Watch our new videos: these are the perfect beginner’s introduction! You will learn how to fire up your pizza oven, to make your own pizza from scratch, and to cook a variety of dishes in your wood fired oven. You will love how easy it is to use your oven and impress your friends with gourmet dishes! Read more

  • The World’s Most Irresistible Meals Start With Fire: The Ultimate Wood Fired Oven Book

    Beyond bread and pizza, wood fired ovens embody the old-world lifestyle of a gracious and welcoming home. Join author Anna Carpenter as she shares the warmth of her Italian childhood, where great meals were enjoyed around the fire with family and friends. Read more

  • Get a pizza oven tool set!

    This complete tools set is all you need to start cooking in your pizza oven. Five long handled tools, carefully selected and conveniently assembled in one kit for only $249. Get yours now. Read more